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Export Wood Packaging
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The need for accurate information related to the export shipping industry is paramount.  When it comes to using wood materials for shipping safely and securely it can be a matter of trusting your very costly commodity to a few dollars of wood in many cases!

This site is your one stop IPPC HEAT TREATMENT / FUMIGATION information portal! 
With a plethora of information out on the Internet related to the International Standards of Phytosanitary Measures number 15 (ISPM 15), we are determined to provide an easy to understand format to use and navigate.

We are providing a host of links and FAQS related to the ISPM 15 standard regarding shipping products overseas using packaging materials made from solid wood.
  You will find great detail related to practically every aspect of the ISPM 15 standard and in a matter of minutes find answers to your questions related to export shipping with the use of solid wood packaging materials.