Export Wood Packaging
Inspection service

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We are accredited with the ALSC to provide our audit inspection services at facilities in need of the IPPC stamp logo for export wood packaging needs.

(Please visit our Website related to our Heat Treatment and Fumigation IPPC audit inspection service by clicking here)

Whether it be IPPC-"bug stamp", HT Reman, or MB-fumigation audit inspection services, we are here and ready to assist your company in the aforementioned programs.  Call us, we are standing by! 
The export wood packaging inspection business is made up of accredited agencies that have a diversity of interests in a variety of industries.  Our focus at Export Wood Packaging Inspection Service is on one and one only; a commitment to provide the help and guidance needed to understand and comply to the ISPM 15 standard. To that end, we are continually developing our company to provide a more amplified service.  Our staff is comprised of a variety of professionals, one of which worked closely with one of the largest inspection agencies offering ISPM 15 inspection services.  Export Wood Packaging Inspection Service looks forward to becoming an integral part of your export shipping needs.

Export Wood Packaging
Inspection Service
P.O. Box 212
  Chino Valley AZ 86323