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Here you will find Websites of various countries related to their ISPM 15 and other importation requirements.  Meant to be time saving, find the answer your looking for without waiting!  Go right to the source!  If the country's Website offers no English translation, call us- we probably know someone who speaks that language and can assist in the interpretation.  More importantly, and as recommended by our Federal Government agencies dealing with export/import issues, seek their assistance if in doubtWe are providing several links to the APHIS Website where you can find your local assigned Export Certification Specialist.  (APHIS EXPORT CERTIFICATION SPECIALISTS).

Here you will find a list of countries (173 to date) that are contracting parties to the IPPC. Click on the specific country in question and you will be brought to a detailed web page related to that country. 

This is the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service's website related to their importation regulations. Their WPM policy (as discussed on our intro page) is, as stated by the USDA/APHIS Website regarding Australia  "
Australia has published requirements adopting ISPM 15 for wood packaging material (WPM). The regulation became effective January 1, 2006".
Please note: The Australian government's
Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) requires a declaration related to wood packaging material used for in the package. Click here to go to AQIS ISPM 15 FAQ page.

CANADA- This is the web page specific to the Wood Packaging Materials policy of the Canadian Government.  Note the policy regarding WPM originating from the USA (Q.17 in the FAQ's).

EUROPEAN UNION- Shipping to Germany? England? France?- All members of the EU (See the complete list of member countries here at the EUROPA Website- the EU's main Website).  Regarding the EU's WPM policy, the USDA/APHIS Website comments "
Effective March 1, 2005 the European Union required all newly assembled, repaired or recycled unprocessed raw wood packaging materials (hardwood and softwood) entering the EU to be either heat treated or fumigated and officially marked under ISPM15."

ISRAEL- This is the website for The "Department for Import Policy, located in the Foreign Trade Administration, is responsible for the policy of the Government of the State of Israel dealing with imports of goods into Israel".  Offering general access to those not familiar with exporting to Israel. The specific import policy regulations are in HEBREW! (Not a problem if you read/speak it). 
For WPM regulations, according to the USDA/APHIS Website, "Israel is adopting measures in line with ISPM 15 for wood packaging material (WPM).  Israel will begin enforcement June, 23, 2009."

MALAYSIA- Shipping an order to Malaysia?  The Country's department of agriculture can found by clicking here.

NEW ZEALAND- Their import regulations Website can be found here.  New Zealand mimicked the Australian government's stance at one point of requiring all WPM to be bark free.  But as of November 2009, the New Zealand WPM policy is in conformity with the ISPM 15 standard, namely all WPM to be de-barked- see our intro page for more details on the difference between bark free and de-barked.  NOTE:  The USDA/APHIS Website regarding the New Zealand WPM policy still reflects the older regulation.  We have contacted APHIS regrading the discrepancy and have been told that the update will occur soon.  See New Zealand's import website ( to access their latest WPM policy-click here.  Note: See section 4.3.2 of their WPM policy regarding the bark issue.


COUNTRIES- requiring ISPM 15- Here find a simple drop down list provided by the USDA/APHIS Website.