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The future of our planet's forests, sadly, are endangered.  So what are the nations of the world doing about the future?  Our Website will not take this issue to task but we stand by ready to assist the export shipping industry here in the United States as new laws and regulations are put into place.  Perhaps you have heard the rumor that the ISPM 15 standard may be put into place from state to state here in the US- the rumors are true.  The consideration is a reality.   The current concern nationally is the threat from the Emerald Ash Borer.  "What is the Emerald Ash Borer?" you may ask.  The Emerald Ash Borer is an insect that has infested some of the nation's forests in the northern regions (see the EAB info Website here-link).  This is among several pests that are presenting challenges to our nation's forestry.  What pest could go from inconsequential to becoming a national threat to our forests?  Maybe you have seen one of them.  Would you know what that bug is crawling across your shop floor?  Across your pile of lumber?  Visit, or to perhaps help you identify what that is before you kill it!  A vast resource of actual images of insects that can be found in today's forests are listed there.  In the event you would like to assist the USDA in it's identification and classification program of insects found in the US- indigenous or foreign, you can submit the insect sample- follow the instructions described at this USDA Web page.   In the national as well as the global market, the phytosanitary needs and concerns are sure to become more complicated.  Export Wood is here to keep you and your facility up to date on the ever changing information that is available to the industry.

Although the Wood Packaging Materials arena involving export is a segment of a larger industry, other areas of plant based exports can have a larger impact on US relations with other countries.  Please read this blog posted by the USDA related to logs harvested out of the mid Atlantic-Click here to read blog posting.  There is usually "more than meets the eye" so to speak when it comes to international trade!